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1.The entry must be a group dance performance. A maximum of 1 entry is permitted from each college.

2.Each team must have at least 6 members. Team cannot exceed 18 artistes (14 dancers and 3 instrumentalists, 1 vocalists, if any).

3.No movie songs are permitted. The songs must be part of the tradition of the dance form.

4.The performance must not exceed 10 minutes. A grace period of 1 minute may be granted according to judges’ discretion.

5.The music should be in MP3 format on a pen-drive/flash-drive. Please bring 2 copies of the same and avoid CDs to prevent technical glitches. Mal-functional CDs shall be the responsibility of the participant.

6.Please report 1 hour prior  on the day of the performance to avoid cancellation of participation.

7.Registration is to be done by clicking the register button below. Only one member of the team must register.

8.Each team is expected to bring along separate members for make-up and backstage assistance (if required).

9. Information about the participants and the people accompanying them must be provided beforehand via e-mail. There is no limit on the number of members allowed as audience.

10.Only Indian Folk dance forms are permitted.
 Judging criteria: costume, choreography, technique, expressions, stage utilization, use of props, overall presentation and synchronization.

11.Please don’t carry any valuables. Sri Venkateswara  College or the Society will not be held responsible for its loss, theft or damage.

10. All participants and students accompanying the team must carry their College IDs, failing which they will be denied entry.


    Date: 23rd  February

    Time: 12:00 Noon

    Venue: Main Stage

    In-charges: Aishwarya- 9818642696

                            Raghav – 8743980702