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 It is a theme and genre based short film making competition

 Participants have to select one theme and one genre from the two


 Theme: 1. Beyond the Imperfections

 2. The Last Beginning

 Genre: 1. Drama

 2. Action/Thriller

 3. Silent

 4. Comedy

 5. Art/Abstract

 The theme and the genre chosen should be clearly mentioned with the


 Teams should consist of 1-8 members. Cross college teams are allowed

 Length of the film should be 3-10 minutes (excluding credits)

 Maximum 2 entries per college (directors should be different)

 Films made before 1st July 2014 will be disqualified

 Entries can be sent to via Google drives

(preferably). Participants can also send us the YouTube link of the film

 Plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification

Date:  24th February

Time: 3:00 P.M.

Venue: Room T1

In-Charges: Samir Zaidi- 9810879189

Raghav Kapur- 9971286781